The Election

If you give a politician a poem

He’s going to say that he could write better

And yes, we all know it’s a he

But when you wander into the back corner

Of your friendly neighborhood Barnes and Noble

They never have the collections you so desire

They’ll have Keats and Poe and Dante

If Dante even counts

Oh yes they’ll have the classics – they’ll have the greats

If you give your politician some paper

And say write write write

He’ll chuckle and raise his hands and say he just doesn’t have the time

After all

Art is a hobby

Not an investment

And he would love to write more poetry

But the other side of the aisle

Continues to read Whitman anyway

But of course of course

If he were to write a poem

It would be about his mother and his country and his children and his God

And he’s going to smile smugly

And float away

And leave you to peruse the dusty shelves

When politicians become poets

Andy Warhol will approve

But then again





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